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Highlighting Computer Software for Education, Productivity, and Fun

October 10, 2019—An alternative download page for the ComputorEdge Free AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps page: Free AutoHotkey Scripts Index

These downloads only contain AHK script files (all text) and a few images or INI files compressed in a ZIP file. For use while learning how to add power to your Windows computer with the free open-source scripting language AutoHotkey in conjunction with the ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Library.

May 15, 2018—Free App for Mouse Micro Movement in Any Windows Program

Mouse2This Little Program Adds Pixel Level Precision to Mouse Cursor Movement in Any Windows Graphics Program

April 13, 2018—Free Windows App for Instant Synonym Replacement Menu

With the SynonymLookup App, You Can Quickly Find and Insert Alternatives for Any Word in Any Document or Editing Page

July 7, 2017—EitherMouse for Lefties, the Ambidextrous, and Multiple Monitors (AutoHotkey App)

Mouse2A Clever Little Tool for Using Multiple Mice on the Same ComputerMouse2

June 23, 2017—Pick Colors Directly from Your Windows Display with AutoHotkey!

Coloretta Viva Adds Accuracy to Color Picking.

June 16, 2017—Free AutoHotkey Virtual Numeric KeyPad App

A Quick Little AutoHotkey Script for Small Laptops with No KeyPad.

May 30, 2017—Free AutoHotkey Speed Reading App

Sit Back and Relax While You Exercise Your Brain. Who Doesn’t Want to Read Faster?

May 20, 2017—Free AutoHotkey TypingAid App Works in All Windows Programs

The Free AutoHotkey TypingAid Script Adds Word Choice Pop-ups to Any PC Program

May 19, 2017—Repurposing ComputorEdge Software Showcase

Progress in life requires both the setting of priorities and persistence. When I started this blog, it represented an experiment in reviewing free and/or demo software (and possibly generating revenue). However, I’ve always known that success in anything requires focus. Soon, I found that I had stretched myself too thin and needed to make a decision about my time. I rededicated my efforts toward my first love—AutoHotkey.

Ever since this site has languished as I deliberately neglected the completion of new software reviews. I even considered letting this site lapse this August in favor of my AutoHotkey endeavors. However, I’ve recently decided to repurpose ComputorEdge Software Showcase to specialized in highlighting third-party AutoHotkey applications. This came from an evolution in my thought.

Not long ago, I started putting together my next AutoHotkey book—which looks like my biggest one yet. As a motley assortment of AutoHotkey tips, it includes many of my current blogs at Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog, as well as, a multitude of tips no longer available on the Web (since I took down the ComputorEdge Magazine server). Among those previously (yet no longer available) AutoHotkey articles appear reviews of useful and interesting AutoHotkey scripts written by people who are much better programmers than me. In fact, many of them have produced AutoHotkey apps which rate up there with any other commercial software—but their software is free for anyone to use. I’ve decided to refocus this blog on those AutoHotkey scripts and applications.

In the coming months, I plan to present what I consider among the best of those AutoHotkey apps. Some of them I use regularly and have discussed in my other blog (Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog) and my books. A few appear in the ComputorEdgeFree AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps for Learning Script Writing and Generating Ideas” page—although most of the scripts on that page I wrote myself. Others harkened back to past, no-longer-published articles from the old ComputorEdge Magazine. By my including them in ComputorEdge Software Showcase, you should find it easier to uncover those scripts I rate as the most interesting and/or useful available for free use. I plan to continue my search for the best of AutoHotkey apps and review those scripts right here.

Previous Episodes of ComputorEdge Software Showcase

ComputorEdge Software Showcase brings you information about software for personal and professional use from ComputorEdge partners. We have joined forces with these people because they offer superior services and products within their areas of expertise. In most cases, you can either open a free account or try before you buy.

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Not Coming Soon! Protect your kids with KidsWatch computer monitoring software.

Not Coming Soon! I was looking forward to reviewing Green Screen Wizard, but it fell way down the priority list. Pretty cool visual effects. Go anywhere without leaving home.